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him out of office. >> that is mitt romney today speaking to marylanders in the town hall meeting in arbutus. that is our big story tonight. >> there was a large crowd of supporters in baltimore county today to see the republican presidential hopeful. >> he is campaigning here ahead of our primary on april 3 in which 37 delegates are at stake. >> shelton dutes is live in arbutus with the wrap up of today's events. >> maryland is often overlooked in presidential republican primaries, but in this race for every delegate matters, this movement has -- may have been very helpful for the romney campaign. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor, soon to be president, mitt romney. >> mitt romney arrived in arbutus press from an illinois victory and just hours after receiving an endorsement from jenna bush. he hunkered down to talk about the issues most important to maryland republicans. >> fixing the economy, and getting the debt under control. >> when it comes to improving the economy and job growth, romney cited his experience in the private sector as well as the need to protect individual fr
. experts say we need at this 185,000 jobs per month to get there. >> mitt romney's speech in birmingham this afternoon reinforced many a criticism of president obama's economic record. alabama singer endorsed mitt romney. mitt romney blasted president obama is handling of the federal deficit, but the candidate backtracked after briefly saying he is not a politician, telling the audience, i kind em. -- kinda am. >> we're finally going to have a balanced budget. [applause] by the way, politicians always say that. i am not really a politician. i guess i kind of an because i was governor for four years. my heart is a conservative businessman. >> he hopes to steal away the deep south. rick santorum is drawing criticism towards mitt romney. in some of his most pointed language of the campaign, he went after his record on health reform. santorum told the supportive audience in kansas that mitt romney reinvented based on political expediency. santorum also pointedly asked the audience, who do you trust? >> the is and gentlemen, we already have one president that does not tell the truth. we do n
, but so far, mitt romney has dominated. >> four days before the primary, mitt romney came to wisconsin with a seven-point lead in the nbc news poll. >> read that obama thinks he is doing a good job. i am not kidding. he actually thinks he is doing a great job. >> he is getting key endorsements. conservative house member, paul ryan -- former president george bush -- >> i do take it is time for the party to get behind gov. mitt romney. >> admit -- marker rubio. a wave of endorsements. >> that is important for him right now. the need to bring their broken party together and generate some enthusiasm for the general election. -- the republican party together and generate some enthusiasm for the general election. >> president obama is already campaigning. four events today in two states, claiming he kept his promise of change. >> change is the health care reform we passed. >> back in wisconsin, rick santorum is still fighting mitt romney. >> we have a great opportunity here. wisconsin will come through for us brigit >> but wisconsin could be the winner. >> it is a make or break deal for rick
romney and rick santorum. despite his position in the race, he says it is -- he is in it for the long haul. >> i want to debate as long as there is not a candidate. i want to talk about the fed, personal liberty, the war. they are not talking about it. >> voters had to the poll on tuesday to vote in the primary. >> rick santorum made a few friends this week. he said he will do well in tuesday's wisconsin primary. he hopes his hard work will pay off as he continues to talk to voters. santorum goes to california tomorrow for a fund-raiser and a speech on foreign policy. mitt romney is expected to get a big endorsement tomorrow. george h. w. bush. the official announcement will take place tomorrow at the president's -- former." the's office. -- former office. according to the houston chronicle, -- houston chronicle, they are supporting mitt romney. just last week, floor -- former florida gov. jeb bush also endorsed mitt romney. >> the maryland gop primary as on tuesday. there is one day left of early voting. some marquee races should inspire a big turnout by the registered republican vot
, the biggest days so far in the republican presidential campaign. mitt romney is coming off of his victory yesterday in the washington caucuses. we have our 2012 report. [cheers and applause] >> stumping across the south today, mitt romney is hammering home his business background, looking to take a divisive -- decisive back -- lead. >> it is what i do. >> while rick santorum struggles to regain momentum. >> we are doing as well as anybody in all of these races. >> with 11 contests this super tuesday, there is the battleground of ohio. the latest poll shows mitt romney gaining on rick santorum. there matchup is now a statistical dead heat, but because santorum failed to complete the paperwork, he may not be eligible for more than one-quarter of the delegates. >> it is tough for us, only because there is the money disadvantage, but we have got a great grassroots campaign. we are hanging in there. >> throwing her support behind mitt romney, former first lady barbara bush, who recorded a message for voters in vermont and another area. >> we have known them for years and believe he is the best
mitt romney at newt gingrich. obviously, a very disappointing that for mitt romney. 11 news reporter brian mooar has more. >> alabama and mississippi, and the candidates were fighting for 90 delegates at a lot more. rick santorum is the projected winner of the alabama primary. this bolstered his plan that he is the conservative choice. >> what i want to say first to the people of alabama, you made a great difference tonight. thank you very, very much for your support. >> mitt romney was campaigning in missouri, but on this election day, he had his cubs on alabama and mississippi. >> i am the one guy in this race you can be barack obama. >> not only pumping up his strong lead in delegates but sending a message. newt gingrich, who won south carolina and his home state of florida, was the only -- his home state of georgia. without a win, the nomination seems more like a dead end. >> it is about being smart. >> newt gingrich says he will fight on to the convention in tampa, but right now, surviving the showdown in the deep south is what counts. mitt romney and rick santorum were going to
romney is coming back in ohio poles. >> we have been all over the state. from a to z. >> of the 11 super tuesday states, ohio is the biggest prize. with no high wind, mitt romney could emerge as the clear front- runner. -- with an ohio win, mitt romney could emerge as the clear front- runner. >> it is going to be about the economy and jobs. >> santorum claimed he is the guy who is proven. >> we need a conviction conservative, someone with a record and a vision. >> been great hopes for a triple win. >> with herman cain, gingrich was in chattanooga tonight. >> the plan stops the great gas holdup and puts money back in your pockets. >> it is a message from ohio that mitt romney wants a clean win that clears his path to the nomination. they could all win enough delegates to keep this race going. >> just a reminder, our coverage continues online. you can check our updated candidate profiles and see photos and videos from the campaign stops on >> the death toll continues to rise as residents affected by this weekend's massive tornadoes began the cleanup process. so far, a total of
romney stuff -- stopped in puerto rico. peter alexander has tonight's 2012 update. quite the people cannot vote in america's general election, but they will have a say in selecting the republican nominee. last night, mitt romney was at a rally. it was a lot more of a carnival. along with the speakers, almost all of them speaking in spanish -- there was music, dancing, energy, and passion. mitt romney told the people they respect them and cared for them as americans. his rival, rick santorum, also called -- caused a firestorm of controversy early in the week. he said if puerto rico wants to become the 51st state in america, it is necessary that english become the primary language. that upsets some of his supporters as well as some of the voters. he tried to do some damage control and said in which would have to be the preferred language, not the official language. >> we understand that people are from different cultures, but we have a common language. that is what i was saying yesterday. someone maliciously root that. >> peter alexander, nbc news. >> at the economy remains a major to
. it may not be quickened and may not be pretty, but mitt romney says he will be the last man standing. >> lost four of the 10 super tuesday states but won the top prize, ohio, by less than one percentage point. romney has one thing going in his favor and one thing he needs to work on. >> i think he is the best chance against the president. he will do it. >> next up is kansas, alabama, and mississippi. a romney could struggle in these conservative states. rick santorum has no plans to leave the race. >> with gas prices topping four dollars a gallon, congress has started taking a look at options to solve the problem. gas prices have risen 48 cents. the forces of supply and demand are to blame but those in the oil industry pointing fingers at the obama administration. >> it they say one thing and does another and this sends mixed signals. >> we are not going to be able to drill our way out of the problem. >> some believed the economy is strong enough to observe those higher prices. you can see how prices are trending in our area and share your own pictures where you are. >> an eatery is
.com. mitt romney and rick santorum battled in a obama country today. the voters go to the polls on tuesday. republican conservatives in that state seemed to be connecting with santorum. mitt romney need a strong showing after losing to santorum in alabama and mississippi. both gop candidates attacked president obama today. the president was there and ready to fight back. >> hard work is a value. looking out for one another, that is of value. the idea we're all in this together, that is of value. >> mitt romney and santorum are battling it out for puerto rico. >> defense attorneys for bradley manning will not get the chance to take sworn statements from eight people before his trial. a military judge has ruled that the attorneys cannot take statements from the individuals who reviewed the information before the trial, but may be able to interview them later. he is accused of leaking military secret information to the website the private is due back in court sometime next month. the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 of 10 civilians has been identified as 38-year-old robert bale. he will be
through his career. a search for clues as a search for a reason behind the bloodshed. >> mitt romney with another win under his belt tonight, taking all 20 delegates and puerto rico. rick santorum's wins put the front runner on the defensive. >> mitt romney is the projected winner of puerto rico's sunday primary. he walked away with 20 delegates and that is a critical step towards a slowing rick santorum 's momentum. he was on the ground in tuesday's battleground, illinois and attacking president obama in his own backyard. >> he is an economic light weight and he has made decisions that have hurt the american people. it is time to put in place an economic heavyweight, and i am, and i will get the job done. >> santorum is hoping to hit another home run by focusing on social issues. >> religious liberty, marriage, the family, life. they are at the core and they cannot be ignored. >> santorum, newt gingrich, and ron paul, are all trying to drag out the fight and keep romney from winning enough delegates. >> this process will play itself out. we will have a nominee i think very soon. >>
. this one in illinois. that is where mitt romney and rick santorum have been making rounds. according to the latest polls, romney leaves but the races closer than expected. the candidates are well aware of that fact. >> he has put us deeper in debt. he has slowed the recovery. >> this could be an amazing time in american history. right here in illinois. you can assure that ends. you can surprise the pundits. >> newt gingrich is focusing on louisiana. he and ron paul took the day off from the campaign trail. mitt romney is headed our way. he will attend a meeting at the american legion post 1 09. that is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. no tickets are required. it is open to the public. other possible stops have not been announced. tended its will compete for 37 maryland delegates. -- candidates who compete for 37 maryland delegates. >> an attorney for robert bales describes the soldier's memory as sketchy. bales met with his attorney for more than three hours. >> you could not imagine a more difficult case. it has political and legal ramifications. social ramifications. >> f two
is scheduled to vote on march 27. now to commitment 2012. mitt romney has won the republican delegate vote in wyoming. that adds to his advantage in the race for the nomination. rick santorum took the gop caucuses in kansas. r r hall -- barbara hall has the story. >> we have had a very good day in our neighboring state of kansas. this election is about big things. this is an important election. this may be the most important election in our lifetime. >> more momentum. rick santorum as he lands a victory in the sunflower state. he clicked with social conservatives who share his view on anti-abortion and anti-6 record. ron paul has not won any contests so far but still says it is everybody's race to win. >> i never think it is do-or-die for anything. everybody is still in the race. there are no declared winners. we will all keep doing what we're doing, maximizing our chances to get delegates. we feel good about that. >> newt gingrich and mitt romney focused on southern states. in mississippi, they made it clear it is time for a new president in the white house. >> this president has not succ
romney of the this week. romney finished second and newt dealers feared. the next republican contest is in wisconsin, here in maryland, and in washington, d.c.. questions are raised and quickly answered about whether former vice president got any sort of special treatment of this weekend when he underwent heart transplant surgery. he got the transplant yesterday in virginia. he spent 20 months on the transplant list and officials say it is unlikely that he got any sort of preferential treatment. we're told that the process is heavily policed. he is recovering and expected to be ok. today, more than 200 men, women, children shaved their heads at the fourth annual baltimore heroes. among the people with cancer survivals and loved ones who shared their stories of survival. >> it is hard to me to be here. my daughter had cancer. i think it is unacceptable and we will try to get it and we can to avoid this in the future. >> more than one and a 60,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. they raised more than $150,000 at the event. it is the court battle that millions are waiting
two states, where mitt romney, newt gingrich, and rick santorum are in a dead heat. one analyst predicting this could mean in for one candidate who must win and at least one state. >> if newt gingrich fails to win in either of the southern states tomorrow, i don't know what the rationale he has for continuing on. >> ron paul is hoping to pick up delegates in the hawaii caucus. political analysts say a romney win in alabama or mississippi tomorrow could seal the nomination for him. >> the white house is horrified by the weekend massacre of afghan citizens, allegedly at the hands of an american soldier. president obama has labeled the killings of at least 16 citizens, including nine children, tragic. insist it would not speed up the plans to withdraw troops. the 38-year-old army sergeant is in custody. he is the father of two. >> this is not who we are and the united states is committed to seeing that those responsible are held accountable. >> defense secretary leon panetta says the death penalty is being considered as the military moves in to investigate. >> the taliban as vowing
called himself the true conservative left in the gop field and likened mr. romney to president obama. >> because i think what we have to say is really important. because alabama, the heart of the south, the conservative greatest part of this country that understands what made this country great -- and when it becomes a to-person race for the republican nomination, -- >> if newt gingrich was as the southern primary, he may drop out. so far, romney is the learning enough delegates to keep his rival from taking that nomination before the tampa convention. >> some very disturbing results when it comes to baltimore residents and the rate of hiv. >> and the financial struggle continues for baltimore city schools. we will have the latest developments. >> and turning over smartmeter as. >> a cold front is heading this way. there will be a significant temperature drop and some rain as well. right now, it is still 70 degrees in downtown baltimore. >> african-american women in baltimore are being infected with hiv five times the national average. that is solely to what is happening in some coun
. mitt romney tonight's winner coming in with 36% of the vote so far. rick santorum and ron paul are in a close race for second while newt gingrich running is distant fourth. this is romney's fourth campaign triumph in a row and fresh show of fremping in a run-up to the big 10 state super tuesday contest next week. >> we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> this is a marathon, not a sprint. we're going to keep working. we're doing well. and we feel like this race is narrowing just like it should be. >> there are 419 delegates up for grabs in 10 states on super tuesday. more than a third of the total number needed to cinch the nomination. still to come on 11 news -- radio host rush limbaugh is continuing to talk about a female law student and her comments on contraception. hear what he's now saying tonight. and a terrifying ordeal for residents in a florida town after finding a live grenade. more on how police responded. >> a protest against anti-abortion legislation in virginia ended with 30 arrests today. hundreds gathered on capital square in richmond t
the winner of the louisiana are presidential primary. santorum is mitt romney's chief challenger and has one tennessee, mississippi, alabama. this victory is not likely to change the over dynamic -- the dynamic. early voting kicked off today in maryland. analysts are predicting a strong turnout. from now until next thursday, a registered voters can vote at any of 46 early-voting locations. election officials say there was a steady flow with people coming in all day. almost 900 came out to vote early. >> it is critical to get this done. we have to come out and vote. >> a lot of people like the convenience of coming out now and not having to wait. even with the weather, they are coming out. votinglyn's 46 early centers are open from 10:00 until 8:00. baltimore city firefighters say 83-story house collapsed after flames consumed more than half the building. it happened early this morning in west baltimore. the house was vacant. no one was injured. a neighborhood in charleston, with virginia is in shock after an early-morning fire killed two adults and six children. it happened after a family pa
. >> mitt romney held a rally this week. newton gingrich will visit annapolis on tuesday. ron paul has a rally next week as well. >> it is not a colossal prize like texas or california or florida. it is still significant. >> every delegate matters. the early opening -- early voting centers are open. >> in the spirit of march madness, we decided to chronicle the season of a high school varsity basketball team. in "rebounding from loss," we sit down with 18 months after the loss of their team leader. >> as point guard, leon adds to be ahead of his opponents. the same could be said of his hen life for every morning keeps an eye over his 2-year-old sister as he carries her to day care. he is the man and his family. he lives on the same street where marcus was killed. he wants something else. >> i want to get my aa degree. looking over my little sister. i want someone to look out for me. unfortunate, there was nobody there. i want to offer my sister. >> his grandmother brought to -- bought him his first basketball when he was 7. he is full of determination and desire, like the nba all-star
romney's visit is being reported that newt gingrich is coming to annapolis. he will visit the state house next tuesday before taking a stroll down main street. no other details have been released. >> word of an online scams targeting thousands who took the ged test each year. the gdp testing service said thousands are being duped by a mob online version of the test. those interested take the test and if passed, they've received their diplomas but it turns out the diplomas are fake. the testing service filed a lawsuit against the 13 on-line sites, some of which have already shut down. >> if you are not coming in person to one of our testing centers, it is not the real g.d. test. it is not likely to be recognized by employers or colleges. >> to go to the real g.d. testing website for information about how to take the real gdp in your state. -- g.e.d. in burst a. the announcement came today during the president's baseball tournament. the oils match the $83,000 already put up by profit and nonprofit groups by the project. >> instead of doing it for ourselves, going out and helping others, mak
usual. blas derica, mitt romney came before a town hall meeting. also ron paul is expected to drop in on wednesday. a 7e told the meetings are pm >> today was the first of three days the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments. 26 states sent to have president obama's lahud declared unconstitutional. >> it violates the fundamental reason -- nature of the relationship between the government and a citizen. >> to look -- two-thirds say they want the health reform turnout. >> this is not a revenue making measure. this is keeping it simple. nobody will pay the penalty. >> while the supreme court hears arguments, the maryland general assembly is laying the groundwork to implement it. the house and senate passed the bill creating the framework for health insurance marketplace that would provide coverage for the uninsured. the bill establishes health care centers. >> it is different -- we will have to make some changes. >> lawmakers will make out the differences before sending a final version to the governor. from the individual mandate to medicate, you can see what is up for debate and wha
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)